The science

Already Pasteur observed that “la vie empêche la vie” but it was not until Fleming observed the chemical war between microorganisms that this resulted in the first potent antibiotic, penicillin.

Ultupharma has the goal to identify antibiotics with new mechanisms of action using microorganisms as sources to new metabolites. New microorganisms and new methods of cultivation at SLU have been found to produce new metabolites with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects. Initial screening for effect against bacteria resistant to present antibiotics and methods to rapidly determine chemical structures, novelty and patentability have been developed by the research group at SLU. More than 2000 microorganisms have so far been studied and about 500 new are added annually. This allows many thousand fractions to be tested annually and several interesting new compounds have already been identified with activities against bacteria and fungi causing disease in humans and animals.